About Us

Dear customer, first of all, thank you very much for choosing us.

We hope that we will conclude a pleasant exchange with mutual satisfaction. As Antikaji, our goal is a long-term trade based on mutual trust. Therefore, your satisfaction is a priority for us.

We have carried our 25 years of experience to the internet for a while. As Antikaji, we started to serve you, our valuable collectors, from www.antikaji.com.

We serve our antique lovers and collectors all over Turkey through the internet. We evaluate the antiques and collectibles you want to evaluate in our auctions that we organize periodically.

The selection and pricing of the products to be sold are made with care. All antique artifacts and collectibles will take place in our auctions within the framework of legal rules.

With Antikaji's sincere stance based on ethical principles, we aim to create a platform where you can make the best use of your antiques and collectibles by selling them.

You can contact us for your antiques and collections you want to evaluate.